The importance of site surveys

Before and after any wireless network installation, one or more wireless site surveys will prove valuable.

Site surveys provide certainty and reduce risk before any Wi-Fi implementation.  They usually uncover the gotchas before its too late and contribute important information towards planning and deployment.

In return, the business gets accuracy and assurance.  Professional site surveys audit a location’s Radio Frequency (RF) environment in order to determine the wireless resources necessary for the required level of Wi-Fi service and performance.  Namely, how much and what types of equipment and where best to deploy it to meet the service objectives within your unique wireless environment.

If this isn’t done, you may be left with too little or too much hardware or kit that is not fit for purpose. Which mean re-engagement of professional soft services, extra procurement of kit and probably an adjustment of timelines (aka lost productivity).

The financial benefit gained from site surveys is the certainty that project costs do not escalate beyond budget.  The correct amount of resource to achieve the desired outcome will be allocated from the beginning. In fact, site surveys often reduce cost to an organisation as they save on having to come back later to fix anything missed the first time.

Usually, two to three site surveys are needed per location. Best practice is to run a virtual site survey first and follow that up with actual on-site surveys before and after implementation to ensure the design objectives are met.

Unless the office or environment is small and contained and wireless users do not require service out of that contained area, I would recommend surveys as an important part of any wireless network upgrade or installation.

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